Why Choose Virtual Work World?

At Virtual Work World, we understand the importance of finding the perfect talent for your business. Here's why we stand out as your preferred staffing partner:
Access to a Global Talent Pool
Our extensive network connects you with highly skilled and vetted professionals from around the world, ensuring you have access to a diverse pool of talent that can meet your specific needs.
Streamlined Hiring Process
We take the hassle out of hiring by providing a streamlined process that saves you time and effort. Our expert team handles the candidate screening, vetting, and matching, allowing you to focus on selecting the best fit for your organization.
Cost-Effective Solutions
We offer cost-effective staffing solutions, helping you save on recruitment costs and overhead expenses. With Virtual Work World, you can achieve high-quality talent without breaking the bank.

Client Solutions

Our comprehensive offshore staffing solutions drive success. From global hiring to compliance, tech stack development, and optimized customer support, we offer all the necessary tools to help your company achieve growth.
Hire help, Scale Faster
Pay Fair Global Salaries
Polish Offshore Policies
Keep Companies Compliant
Build your Tech Stack
Shape your Customer Support Experience
Your go-to Offshore HR Guide
Marketing & Customer Success Consultancy

Our Process

Our 10-step process ensures a seamless offshore staffing experience. We simplify your hiring journey from company needs and budget identification to streamlined onboarding. Trust our vetted talent pipeline and comprehensive support for hassle-free hiring.
1. Identify Your Needs
We begin by understanding your business requirements, hiring needs and budget to provide the best staffing solutions. We work with you to find the role AORs and build the KPIs needed to set the Contractor/s up for success.
2. Vetted Talent Pipeline
We tap into our vetted talent pipeline from over 20 countries, ensuring access to skilled and qualified candidates.
3. Thorough Screening
Each candidate undergoes a rigorous screening process, including skill-based assessments, verified reference checks, criminal background checks, and previous employment verification.
4. Candidate Portfolios
We provide robust ‘Candidate InfoPacks’, including detailed resumes, video introductions, executive summaries, reference feedback, security clearances, completed assessments (we also grade them for you!), and additional relevant details, enabling you to make informed decisions.
5. Compliant Contracts and Tax Management
We draft country-specific compliant international contracts and ensure legal and tax compliance, safeguarding you from employment misclassification and higher taxes.
6. Fair & Balanced Policies
Culture is one of the most crucial aspects of job satisfaction. We work with you to draft fair and balanced policies to offer an enhanced remote workspace. Ensuring a mutually beneficial working relationship will help with a stable work environment and retention.
7. Seamless Onboarding
Once the hiring decision is made, we facilitate a smooth onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition for the new contractor or an entire team!
8. Ongoing Support
We provide continuous support and guidance as your Global HR guide throughout the engagement. We have Consultancy Services to continue to support you as your global team grows.
9. Saving on Time & Cost
With our efficient process, you can experience offshore hiring within 21 days, saving valuable recruitment time while saving up to 80% on annual salary costs. 
10. No Upcharges or Hidden Fees
Competitors profit from overcharging companies or deducting Contractor earnings. We do neither. We match you with a Contractor, and you pay them directly. Contractors keep 100% of their earnings, and your company has no upcharges or hidden fees, only a one-time cost! Saving up to 60% in agency overcharges annually!
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Available Offshore Contractor Services

Unlock the power of our Offshore Staffing Solutions and gain access to a global pool of vetted professionals ready to fuel your business growth. Hire for any of these roles today!


Customer Service

Lead Generation & Sales

Content & Marketing

Creative & Design

Engineering & Development


Accounting & Finance


Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Your Comprehensive Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I’m unhappy with the person I’ve hired?


We guarantee you won’t be, but if for whatever reason you’re unhappy with your hire, you have 60 days to raise this with us and we will staff you a new candidate, free of charge. We do regular check-ins every 2-weeks to help with the settling-in period and make sure everyone is doing okay.

What happens if my new contractor leaves?


If a hired contractor leaves your company within a 60-day period, we’ll staff you with a new candidate free of charge. This excludes the contractor leaving the company due to a hostile work environment including, but not limited to: sexual harassment, prejudice, bigotry, verbal abuse, derogatory statements, payment delays, lack of communication, and contractual inconsistencies.

What kind of contracts can I hire candidates on?


Any! You can advertise for freelance, fixed-term, part-time and full-time contracts.

Do I need to provide equipment to a contractor?


Nope! Each contractor will have a laptop, and in their Candidate Profile, we include details on the equipment they have and their internet speed.

How do I pay my contractor?


You can pay them via Paypal, Wise or Wire Transfer. Once you have made your hire, they are 100% your contractor and we do not get involved in payments. We do offer the service of helping you setup your Remote Employee Payment Portal and the Payroll. Just let us know if you need help in this area!

Can I trust the person I hire?


Absolutely, because we do thorough background checks and request references before they enter our talent pool. Each candidate must be LinkedIn or work email verified, and we request photo identification and carry out security clearance to check their criminal background. They must also provide two previous employer references and two character references.

Do I need to give paid time off/annual leave?


This may vary if your contractor is on a freelance contract, but generally yes. We’re founded on fairness and believe that everyone should be entitled to paid-time-off. And when people are well-rested, they’re better workers too!

How fast is the hiring process?


It’s speedy! We can hire you a Virtual Assistant or Customer Support Representative in just 14 days, and other roles in just 30 days!

I don’t know how much to pay my remote staff?


We’ll find your ideal candidate based on your budget, no matter how big or small. We’ll make sure the salary or rate is fair to the contractor and is benchmarked against the same or similar roles, while being cost-effective for your business. Not sure what your budget should be? We can work with you to create a budget for one hire, or an entire team!

Can I hire a bilingual staff member?


Yes! In fact, we have bilingual and multilingual contractors who also speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, Tagalog, Gujarati, Hindi and more.

Do you offer discounts for more than one hire?


Yes, we do! Check out our pricing page here. The more hires, the more savings!

How do I manage the time differences?


If you have established business hours in which you want your contractor to work, we’ll detail this in the job description. Many of our candidates are comfortable working in any timezone, any hours.